About Us

The Musical Association ALLEGRO VIVO was founded by a group of Sammarinese musicians, with years of professional experience in the field of Concerts and teaching, both in San Marino and abroad.

They also have built up a wide experience in the organisation of numerous and important musical rewiews - "Classica & Jazz" (5 editions); "Stagione Concertistica della Repubblica di San Marino " (2 editions); "Musica nel Chiostro"; "I concerti del Tè", "Voci e Suoni nel Borgo"; "Concerto della Domenica" - and International Specialization Courses (6 editions).

The Association obtained legal recognition from the Civil and Criminal Court on 11th November 2002 and is registered with number 158 in the General Register of Association.


This is a non-profit association which has exclusively cultural aims, which are:

• The promotion of musical culture and artistic activities in general in San Marino and abroad, using also exchanges with other countries.

• The diffusion of musical culture in the population, through the organisation and management of courses, conferences, concerts, musical shows, competitions and awards; moreover through publications which sometimes have a multimedial nature.

• The collaboration with local authorities, organisations, associations and other bodies in promoting activities of musical interest.

The Chairman Roberto Stefanelli

The Treasurer Gea Gasperoni

The Secretary Simonetta Agarici